Adrián Valera · Setiembre, 2010

I am a regular guy who enjoys simple things in life like reading, singing and spending time in nature.

I love assisting others in any possible ways. I believe we can help others with our good intentions and attitude. Perhaps the best way I have found to help others is by allowing them to be who they are without judgements of any kind. To me, that represents love in a very simple form and I dream humanity is on the way to achieve this state of mind and brotherhood.

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Asia del Sur: Blogueros opinan sobre el ‘Día de la quema del Corán’

El Pastor Terry Jones generó mucha controversia en los Estados Unidos y alrededor del mundo la semana pasada con su evento planificado sobre el día de la quema del Corán para marcar el aniversario de los ataques del 9/11.