David Miralles Pérez · Abril, 2012

Spanish – English translator with two years of experience. Consecutive and simultaneous interpreter. Strong linguistic and cultural knowledge. Devoted to continuous professional development. Daily output of 2500 words on the following fields of expertise:
• Law and administration • Marketing and localisation.
• Economy and finances • Business and ecommerce.

• Registered member of IAPTI (International Association of Professional Translators and Interpreters).
• Member of Proz.
• Sworn translator and interpreter appointed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Nº T-IJ 10618.

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Suecia: Ministra de Cultura en controversia de ‘bizcocho racista’

La degustación de la Ministra de Cultura sueca de la polémica 'tarta dolorosa', que representa el cuerpo de una mujer africana, en una exposición de arte en Estocolmo ha provocado reacciones en línea de presunto racismo.