· Agosto, 2014

Historias Acerca de Kenia de Agosto, 2014

Video: Escuche al empresario del café de Nairobi


Encuentro con Peter Owiti, empresario de café en Nairobi, Kenia: The story of Peter Owiti, the brains behind Pete’s Coffee shop, speaks volumes of the great deal of effort that is spent when setting up a successful business. In the brief video below, Pete, who is a father of three,...

Cómo los kenianos pueden llevar una doble vida en EE. UU.


Danstan Obara muestra cómo los kenianos pueden llevar una doble vida en Estados Unidos: The American double life starts by making sure that your social security card does not have the stamp that says “Valid for work only with INS authorization”. The things that people do to get rid of...